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Check Engine Light

I have a 1993 Ford Aerostar w/ a 3 Ltr engine. It has 160,000 + miles and runs great, but I notice that during a hwy cruise when I decelerate the engine light comes on for a minute or less. Then it goes out when I accelerate again. I assume one or more of the engine sensors need attention, but have no idea which one. I took it to a mechanic to check the computer codes, but he told me that the car was too old and the computer did not retain the fault info once the ‘check engine’ light went out. Any suggestions?

I suggest that you take it to another mechanic who knows what he’s talking about. Even though your vehicle has the OBDI engine management system, when that Check Engine light comes on and then turns off, the code is stored in the memory of the computer and can be retrieved.


yep drive it till the light comes on again,drive to the tech,leave the van running,and pull codes.

that above statement is true on fords,it always retains a memory.unless it has an internal mem issue. NEW TECH,not cooter.

good luck.

recently had an “engine warning” light coming on with wife’s subaru forester…no codes

tried disconnecting the battery posts, and when reattached, computer re-set(?)
problem maybe is not solved… but the light is off

When you sweep dirt underneath the carpet, you have only concealed the dirt.
Right now, you may be concealing an ignition or fuel system problem.

If (when) the light goes on again, please have the OBD system scanned to see what the underlying problem is.