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Intermittent check engine light

We have a '94 Aerostar sport w/ a 3 ltr v6. This vehicle has had an intermittent “Check Engine” light almost from day one back in '93 when it was new. Ford said not to worry about it as did another mechanic. Problem is the light won’t stay on long enough to get a good “scan” with the computer. Is this a known problem with '94 Aerostars? Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so, what was the solution.

Unlike the OBDII engine management systems of today, the OBDI engine management system used on your vehicle only monitored a few parameters of the engine management system. And usually on the OBDI systems, an intermintant Check Engine light pointed to a lazy oxygen sensor. Since this vehicle only has one oxygen sensor, have a mechanic test the oxygen sensor. This isn’t hard to do.


Had the same experience with a 91 model, worried about it at first, nobody could solve the problem, then I just ignored it. Ran fine for years like that.