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Check Engine Light - Praying It Stays Off This Time


2001 Audi A6 2.7 w/73K. Had both water pumps and timing belts replace. Also replaced thermostat, crank and cam seals and, VC and intake gaskets. Paid and check engine light came on as I drove away. Back again. Mechanic hooks it up and codes out a need to replace two exhaust/gas temp sensors and a secondary air injection pump. He also runs tests on the components themselves to verify the codes. He did all of this work free. The cost of these parts is high.

We talked about how reset computers will find things. We talked about “will my check engine light go off when these are fixed”. He expects they will. Then said he will do a reset of computer and, with the new components, it will all recycle again and could come up with another problem.

I see myself walking along in a trench I may never get out of until the check engine light decides to stay off? Mechanic says he thinks this new work will do it. I trust him. Used him for years and always lots of free work.

Any thoughts? Paranoid?

Paranoid? Possibly. The check engine light will come on if there is a problem or something that leads the computer to believe there is a problem. The Audi is a good car but it is 10 years old. A lot of 10 year old vehicles have check engine lights on because parts wear out after a time. If you trust your mechanic and you get free service from him just let the chips fall where they may. You can always sell the car and get another one if it starts to get real expensive. Luxury sports cars tend to be high maintenance vehicles.

Thanks for the come back. My mechanic said Audi has it’s own way of doing things and we just need to confirm codes with testing, deal with the priorities which he confirms with tech bulletins and work our way through the analysis. Lots of free analysis, but I pay the bill for parts and labor. Just get a little wound up by the code fix code fix sequence. Your thoughts helped.