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Check Engine Light No Longer On

I have a 1996 Mecury Villager. A year ago, we noticed the “Check Engine” light came on. We took it to a dealer service department and they said it could cost a grand to replace the sensors that are causing the problem. The labor would involve removing the head, and they were not sure if they could find a replacement gasket, as they dont make them anymore. I got very discouraged and left the car in the driveway for a year. My wife said we need to get rid of it. After jump starting it, I noticed the “Check Engine” light was no longer on. Did it fix itself after a year of recuperative rest!? How do I check to see if everythink is OK?

The problem more then likely still exists. With the battery having gone dead or disconnected the power train control module lost its memory. Driving the van around will allow the PCM to relearn what is working and what is not working properly.

Dealer? What’s wrong with an independent mechanic/repair shop?

I never said there was anything wrong with “an independant mechanic/repair shop”. Why are you trying to pick a fight?

I don’t think hellokit was trying to pick a fight. Hellokit is a well respected contributor on this forum and offers good advice and was only trying to suggest an alternative to the dealership service department, which is generally no better than an independent shop, just more expensive. These parts should be readily available in the aftermarket, as I have never had problems locating parts for the Villager. If you still want to use a dealership, try a Nissan dealer. The Ford/Mercury dealer may not carry the needed parts anymore, but the Nissan dealership probably does. The Mercury Villager is nothing more than a rebadged Nissan Quest. Everything interchanges except the emblems.