Check engine light-egr

I have A 96 tauras lx, and the check engine light is usually on. I know it is egr related from the diagnostic codes. have had numorous parts replaced. question is why would the light go out when we get into the cold winter months? this is the second winter the light went out, last spring when the weather got warm the light came back on. the car runs good, I know its more emisions related. would appriciate any help with this.

A code scan will either show insuffecient or excessive egr gas. YOu probably have the diff press feedback sysm, or DPFE. check the voltage reading of the sensor and it should have an output of about 1 volt; 1/4 volt either way will give a bad reading. It’s not a critical problem to using the vehicle and a new sensor cost about $85. LEE

I think that you’ve just been throwing parts at a problem which has the words EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) in the check engine codes. Get the check engine light codes read. Auto Zone, and other auto parts stores will read (scan) the codes for you, for free (just because they are nice people, and want to be helpful). Then, bring the trouble codes here for someone to “listen” to their “reports”. Then, the nice people here can take your symptoms and the codes and advise you on the appropriate steps to take. Deal?

the code reads egr ins. flow

Get the actual code Like P0123 not just the English translation and get a list of those “numerous” parts that were replaced.