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Check Engine Light & Blinking Cruise Control light

Car; 2004, Subaru, WRX STi

I recently installed a atmospheric BOV and a Cold air intake,… hence the problem, the idel at sit still went to the dogs, and the Check Engine Light came on and the Cruise Control light blinks and will not function while driving. I set everything back to orginal and still have the problem. I can do away with the BOV, just for show (sound) but I’d like the C.A.I. to work correctly. Any ideas on what next to check, Thanks Brian

did you make sure that all of the sensors were plugged up right and the connections were tight?

it sounds like the computer isn’t seeing voltage from the throttle position sensor. the computer uses the TPS even at idle and especially during cruise control.

the best idea is to have someone pull the codes from the computer for you. The codes will lead you to the issue.