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Check engine light after battery went dead in 93 Subaru Legacy

Hey, I didn’t drive my Subaru for about a month, but I did start it up about three weeks ago. It was fine at the time. I went to scrape the snow off it last night and make sure it would start and it didn’t. I jumped it and let it run for a few minutes, drove around for about 10 minutes and drove home. I turned off the car and it immediately wouldn’t start again. And the check engine light was on. This mornign I went to take the battery out to get it tested and noticed that the connection was really loose. The battery checked out fine and I reconnected it and fixed the loose wires. It seems to be fine now and holding a charge, but the check engine light is still on. I can’t figure out how to get the codes because it’s so dark under the dash and I cant seem to figure out what to connect. Any clues on the check engine light?

This worked for TheGaber on his 1993 Legacy: