Subaru Legacy

My daughter’s 95 Subaru Legacy has had trouble starting the engine after the last two long trips she has taken (2 hours). She waits an hour and then it starts fine. The electrical (radio, etc) go on but the engine does not. P.S. Just put a new starter in the car this year.

How am I going to say anything given the post? Did the engine turn. Was there no spark. This is not a psychic forum We just use the info given to help.

The engine did not turn. No spark. The lights and radio went on but no engine. This happened twice after a long trip 1 1/2 driving. Sorry - am new at this!

I am going to guess the starter solenoid is getting heat soaked and is the source of the problem.

Don’t worry about not providing all the information on the first try. It can get a little vexing on our part when we don’t have enough information.

Make certain you are not being defeated by the starter safety switch. If it is an automatic, wiggle the shifter in Park and try again, or move the shifter to N and try to start it. If it is a standard shift, you have to be certain the clutch pedal is pushed all the way to the floor. Be certain no floor mat is blocking the way.