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Subaru Legacy random ignition non-response

1996 Subaru wagon runs good w/ a new battery and starter, however at seemingly random intervals I will turn key and nothing happens. Lights are always strong and battery seems well charged. I get it going by a jump start, it turns right over and starts right up and it runs fine for days or weeks until it doesn’t.

Any Subaru savants out there

There are some Subaru fans here but the trouble you are having isn’t anything peculiar to a Subaru.

I would first recommend you clean the battery posts and cable connections with a battery post cleaning brush. Make sure the wire that ties to the main fuse panel from the battery is making solid connection. If the problem still occurs after that then the trouble may with the ignition switch contacts or in a connector to it. Since you say that jumping the battery makes it work then the trouble is most likely at the battery connections.

Thanks for the reply. The battery is pretty recently installed new, but it does make sense to go through that system.