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Subaru hard starting when warmed up

I have a '95 Subaru Legacy L AWD Std with 114k miles.

A few times in the past weeks the check engine light has come on while driving and then “reset” to off after sitting overnight.

Now, the light is on steadily. The engine starts fine when cold, but restarting after a short stop requires a lot of cranking and the engine catches slowly. Once running, it seems to perform normally.

What would cause this behavior?

You really need to take your car somewhere to get the code read. This is the only good solution. Everything is there to help you figure out the problem, but the bad part won’t change itself. Autozone and other auto parts places will read your code for free.

Thanks for the idea–I didn’t realize that AutoZone would do that for free.
I had spent sometime looking under the dashboard where the manual said the LED would be-- even used a mirror-- but nothing litup…Off to AutoZone…