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2000 Cavalier 2.2L Won't Start, have DTC Codes

So, starting about 2 months ago my car started starting kind of hard and the CEL came on. It would crank for a few seconds, start to turn over but sound like it was going to sputter out, but ultimately turn over. It seemed to be exacerbated the longer the car sat between times running. I let the car sit for about a week while I was waiting for parts to come in to change out my front brakes, and now it won’t start.

I hooked up my newly acquired OBD II reader and got the following DTCs:
P0130 - O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1
P0130 P - Same, P for Pending
P0336 - Crankshaft Position Sensor A CKT Range/Performance
P0340 - Camshaft Position Sensor A Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction

Based on my limited understanding, I would think something having to do with the last two codes would be why the car isn’t starting, but it seems like it could also easily be something else not directly indicated by those codes. So what I’m wondering is, do I need sensors replaced, or is there something else that needs replaced on the car.

I am kind of pig-headed and would like to fix it myself, but maybe its something beyond my ability. If it makes a difference, the car has ~130k on the odo.

I would first explore the P0336 code.

The Crankshaft Position Sensor is one of the primary inputs into the computer. If the computer doesn’t see a signal from this sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel/ignition system so the engine won’t start.

All the other codes are from sensors once the engine has warmed up.


Check this out. Maybe there’s something here that’ll help.
I’m with Tester about the CKP sensor.

Can you check the CKP sensor signal voltage while cranking? I’m not sure if it generates an AC or DC signal, though.

Have you checked for fuel pressure and spark? The lack thereof might point to a failed CKP sensor.

According to my findings, your CKP sensor should have 825 - 1380 ohms of resistance.

Your CMP sensor should have 1500 - 2500 ohms of resistance.

Hope this helps.