Cheapest way to restore 2008 Charger’s interior parts

Hi, what would be the cheapest way to restore all the missing interior parts of a 2008 Dodge Charger SE ex-police car? TIA

Probably the cheapest way is to find a junkyard ( what ever the current term is, such as auto salvage yard) that allows you to pull your own parts. You just go in and find another Charger and start taking the parts you need.


You’ll need to locate a junkyard (preferably in a town that uses Chargers as patrol cars), find one that has a reasonably complete '08, strip out what you need, and install it in yours. It will be a massive amount of work finding one, as the civilian Charger has a different interior than the police version.

Frankly, I think you’ll find that over time, buying an 11 year old clapped out cop car will become a very expensive, aggravating experience.

If you are looking to install the interior from a civilian version, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down the parts at salvage yards. But, as stated by @old_mopar_guy, finding actual cop car pieces will be much harder.

It is not clear from the modest question, but I suspect the police cars have missing interior parts that are pulled when they are taken out of service. In addition, modifications for police use. I haven’t been in one for a while but I suspect things like center consoles, rear door handles, maybe some dash mods, rear seat, buckets, etc. So I don’t think he needs to find another police car, but rather a stock Charger he can pull the parts from. It would be nice to know what exactly “them” is talking about. Seems to me they have special buckets and the back seats are of an easy to clean design. Leave the extra large fuel tank alone and the switch to shut the rear lights off can be fun sometimes.

The police cars also use an interior color exclusive to them and taxis.

I haven’t been in a US taxi for prolly 20 years either but they usually have a patrol car on display at the auto show.