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Vehicle Interior Repair

I have a company van with a completely trashed interior. Rips in upholstery, missing window and dash buttons, headliner no longer staying in place, arm rests falling off etc… The thought of finding, replacing and installing all these parts is daunting. Is there any business that I could take the van to and just get it all taken care of? Located in the Tempe, AZ area, vehicle is a Chevy Express van. Thanks in advance for any help!

Some body shops will do a lot of this work and contract out whatever they don’t do. On the other hand, you might get a better overall price by talking to an auto upholstery shop and a headliner/top specialist. Most large metro areas have such specialists.

Go to a junk yard. Have them pull all the parts from a van like yours. If you have the parts, a body shop can install them. They should like that you have the parts. It should be cheaper this way. A job like this,the leg work in getting all those parts can be a big part of the cost. Also the yard is likely to give a package price on all the parts. You never know you just mite see its not that hard of a job and do most of it your self.