Busted Husbands Car--would like to repair for Father's Day

Over the winter, I was “helping” my husband clean the snow off of his car, and in my enthusiasm, I cracked the housing over the light on the trunk door of his 2003 Intrepid. He assured me that it wasn’t a big deal, and after learning that Chrysler would like >$300 to repair it, he let it go. I’d like to replace the housing, if I could. Any ideas on where to start? I’d be willing to hit a junk yard to find the piece, I just don’t even know what it is called to start asking around!

Call or take the car to a reputable auto body shop. They can do an estimate for you. They can also check on parts availability. This estimate could be less than the Chrysler dealer.

I have had really good luck with the paintless repair places. They probably can find the part and do you right.