Swopping jeep cherokee interior

i have a jeep with a dark gray interior and would like to change it. anyone with some tips and trikcks?

Get some seat covers and/or dash cover?

I was thinking on changing seats in a lighter leather and swopping the dashboard. I do not thinks that covers ever look realy good

You don’t say how old your Jeep is. If it is less than 10 years old, you may be able to buy a complete interior from a wrecked version from junkyard. I don’t know how many parts are required on the color change but buy them all and swap. It is tedious, frustrating and time consuming.

The trick will be finding a car that is wrecked but hasn’t damaged the parts you need - airbags destroy a LOT of the interior these days in an accident. Dash pads and side covers get ripped when the bags deploy. Problem 2 is finding a donor car sitting in the junkyard without the car’s windows being rolled down. Junkyards, in my experience, don’t generally sell many interior parts so they don’t take care to close up the car to protect it.

Thanks MustangMan, my jeep is 18 years old. a 200 jeep Cherokee. i believe youre right that it is difficult tracking a suitable donor. I havent found one yet, perhaps the reason you dicribe with aibags might be the reason.

It would make more sense to SWAP vehicles and there are no tricks here, just lots of money.

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Thanks Volvo_470 i can’t think about “abandoning” my “precious” i’m also looking to improve the current interior and seats

Wow, 18 years? You will have a really hard time finding a nice interior with that kind of age.

You know that vinyl can be painted, right? Proper prep and special vinyl paint can be sprayed to change the color. Leather can be re-dyed. It works best on light-to-dark but maybe that is an option.

Paint the dash and put new leather in. After 18 years unless you really took care of it, the leather’s probably toast anyway. Might as well get new covers.

sounds like a smart option i will track down some leather shops in my country!

Search for someone like this.


Not sure what country you are in but Tijuana Mexico is legendary for shops that do decent work.