Cheap gasoline in the usa



you guys are so lucky,in england we pay over ?5 a gallon,thats $10!!!thats why we drive small cars with tiny engines!id love a 1969 dodge charger,but 6mpg is a bit low for me!i drive a ford puma 1.6 liter,but its a cute little coupe and its great fun to drive,even better than a mini cooper!so what is the actual price of gas in the usa? i heard its about $3,?


It’s a little over $3/gallon now, but not for long.


You get the good stuff though 93 Octane compared to the 87 Octane we get here with 10% ethanol farm subsidy added.


True, it’s just over $3 (for regular). But we have to pay for health care, medicines, many of us have no real retirement plans, many of us have to drive many hundreds of miles a week just to get to and from work, our food costs are different, etc. etc.

To extract the cost of gasoline from the overall cost of living is, in my opinion, folly. Just as comparing your cost of health care to mine would be folly. Sure, you get free health care, but on the other hand you have to pay $10 a gallon for gas!


wow!the last tme it was that cheap in england was 1985!it costs me the equivalent of $100 to fill my ford puma,but it does do 30mpg+ .in england the government puts about 80 percent tax on gasoline,and says its an enviromental tax!!!thats why deisel engined cars are becoming much more popular over here.they can get upto 70mpg.


95 is the lowest,99 octane for super over here,i use shell v power 98 octane


Today,4-2-08 in my neighborhood it ranges from $3.15 to$ 3.35 and still going up.
Our dollar,compared to the pound/euro, was $1.50 american to $1.00 yours. Our economy is in the tank. But you Brits ,and us yanks are being raped by the Oil companies,


i only drive 3 miles to work, so i guess im lucky?the national health service is ok,but we have to pay for medicines,dentists and other things,so its not all free!we get free doctors and hospital treatment thou.


Actually it’s your choice. Last I looked, the actual cost in the UK for the gas itself was 70 cents per liter and in the US it was 75 cents. You just pay all the rest for tax for social programs where our tax goes for just roads.

It’s a common misconception that the US is oh so lucky that we pay so little for gas but in reality its just a tax collection issue. No politician would dare add $5 onto the cost of a gallon of gas nor try to wrestle our guns away. Just a cultural thing.


i agree!!but us brits are ripped off bigtime by the government,as well as the oil companies,the high price of gas is putting everything up,such as food,clothes etc…no wonder we have the nickname rip off britain!


Remember George C Scott in THE FORMULA playing an oil executive. His PR guy said we could blame the high prices on the Arabs. He replied, “We are the Arabs!”


yeah i understand we are 2 totally diffrent countries and i suppose theres many worse places to live than england!we have to pay a seperate tax for roads which costs roughly $400 a year and have to display a car tax disc in the windscreen of our cars,it used to be called road fund licence,but when someone found out that the government spent only a quater of it on the roads,they quickly renamed it cartax!!!


LOL, it looks like you started a full whine-o-thon.


Totally tangential to the subject, I happen to love England. I spent some time there touring factories some years back and fell in love with the place. It’s a beautiful country with good people.


ha ha,its good to have a whine now and then!!!


thanks,so is the usa!!i loved nyc when i went there in crown vics with 4.6 liter engines for taxis!!!only in america!we have little black taxis with little dirty diesel engines over here!


3 miles…If I lived that close I’d walk.

I drive 90 round trip. The first 3 miles of my trip is dropping my son off at school.


In Ontario, gas is running around $1.06 to $1.10 a liter for regular (87 octane.) Works out to be roughly $3.75 per American gallon or $4.80 per proper British gallon. Mid grade and premium fuel (89 and 91 respectively,) costs 5 and 10 cents more a liter, respectively.

Diesel, according to a potato chip (or ‘crisps’) delivery guy, costs about $1.16 a liter.


yeah,but in england its always cold and wet!!the 1 dry day a year i cycle,ha ha.


still cheap compared to england,thanks for the translation!!i like crisps!i love chips,as in fish and chips!!!you call them french fries i believe? !