Cheap Car transport from NH to Florida?

My Dad needs his car (2009 Chevy Aveo) transported from NH down to Florida this winter. Does anyone have any recomendations for cheap transports from NH to Florida? If so please post your recomendations with prices.

Hire a driver. I did it when I was in college. They paid for expenses down and free ticket back plus $100. Of course this was in the 70’s.

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Drive-A-Way services .There was a company that brokered these deals and checked the background of the drivers…

Drive-away services make a lot of sense. Years ago I drove a Buick Riviera from Detroit to San Francisco. I had to pay for my own gas but had free use of the car for 9 days. I saw California and took the bus back. Everyone wins in this case.

This is a late reply, but check into railroad delivery. My uncle had his shipped from Ohio to Florida at a nominal price.

Better late than never[?]… perhaps by now the car could just get picked up from the crusher by FedEx and be mailed down as a nice compact little cube.

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By six years?
I hope if you ever need a rescue team they don’t show up six years late.
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Responding to me? I was not the individual who re-opened a dead thread. You’ve got the wrong guy!
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You didn’t notice it was 6 years old?

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