Auto Transport - any recommendations?


I am looking for suggestions on which car hauling company (nationwide?) I should use. My 1970 VW Beatle is in Colorado and I need to have it transported to Portland, Oregon. Do I pay for this service up front, or when the car arrives?


It may be less hassle to drive the VW if it runs. If you take I-80 I don’t think you’ll have to slog over any really high passes, but I’d check. You can make it in two long days or three more rational ones. I’d probably drive it straight through myself, but I’m given to excess.

It’s been a while but I think usually you pay part up front and settle out the detailed charges at delivery.


There is a website called or something like that. They have a good list and lots of discussions. If this is valued as a classic car then you want a closed container. It would cost you money but it will save you aggravation.


Maybe it’s time to sell it…Never fall in love with something that can’t love you back…


Personally, I would just drive it (much more fun), but last time I had a car shipped I paid for it after it was delivered (they just sent me a bill a few weeks later). I would guess that shipping it will cost less then $1000.


Do you know how much hassle it is to get a 35 year old car just the way you want it?

Assuming it’s in very good/excellant condition, keep it forever. If you don’t want to keep it, sell it to me in denver and you won’t have to move it.


We live in CO too. Just back from working in ID where our mgr had his friends drive up to Y’stone in a Bug to meet him. Not sure if it was the new or the old ones but you can just take 80 to the ID line and should be able to go up from there. We have only driven as far as the turn to Poky off 80 but have driven across MT so if you had to go that route; we would take 25 (presuming you live in the metro / colo sprs / pueblo area to 90 and go from there.

Its also alot cheaper then the transport bill and its beautiful country so why not see it and take a side trip to Y’stone / Grand Teton?


Driving a 1970 Bug from Denver to Seattle would NOT be “fun”. These cars had major weaknesses and a trip like that will uncover all of them.

All old cars are not “classics”. Some are just junk. A '60’s econo-box gains little with age. Now, it’s just a tired old machine…But hey, if it’s worth $800 bucks to ship it, just do it!


Well, I haven’t seen the OPs car, but some of them are pretty close to perfect around here (in denver). I’ve owned them, and I would drive a good one from CO to WA without any hesitation, it does sound like fun to me. What’s the worst thing that can happen, it breaks down and you have to have it shipped anyway? Big deal. The biggest “problem” driving a good one should be the lack of AC.

I agree that I would have it shipped if it’s not in good running condition.


Your local Manheim car auction recommends I have never used this particular service, however they seem to be affiliated with the auction, which is a good thing. They show an approximate charge of $750 from Denver to Oregon.


A car dealer I knew helped me ship one of my cars on a semi truck car carrier to his dealership. He set it up with the transport company. I was able to get his price which was hundreds cheaper than what I had gotten in quotes over the phone. If you are friends with any dealers this is just a thought.