Driver from West coast to east coast

I am driving across the country to New Mexico, with my son as he starts a new job. I would like to drive a car back to the east coast.

Excellent driving record. Recently retired business owner who drove at least 30,000 miles per year.

I’m hoping someone out there might have a need I can fill.

Let me know.

Huh? Please explain what you are proposing as it is not clear. I am guessing you looking for a car that needs to be transported from New Mexico back east? And you would drive it there?

Yes, if there is a car that needs to come east, I’d be happy to drive it here.

I read this after sending it, and agree, it wasn’t clear. Thanks.

That is what I understood. What totally confused me was the thread title. New Mexico is quite a distance from the West coast!

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to simply fly back?

Well I just retired, I have all sorts of time, why not see the country?

There are lots of listings in that Category. The Yellow pages or the internet will have that info.

I once drove a car (using “Cars to California”) from Detroit to San Francisco, but had to pay for my own gas.I made a holiday out of it and took the full 7 days allowed to reach my destination. The car was a Buick Riviera, very cushy and powerful.

The way back was through L.A. and Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, etc., I bought a Greyhound ticket and enjoyed the scenery from my seat in the bus. Stopped off at Flagstaff Arizona and visited a school buddy. Greyhound lets you do that.

You may find the bus rather cramped, but I would fly back since you have already seen the scenery. Unless you want to take an entirely different route back.

Happy motoring!

Maybe this article will be of use to you.