Charging car battery, procedure for

The battery is only 11 months old, I have tested enough batteries to be able to predict the test results.

Dude, C’mon…

If it’s charges/tests bad = free battery.

The health is in doubt; let Walmart deal with it.

Walmart is not like it used to be. I had a one year old that I charged for 24 hours and wouldn’t hold enough charge to even turn the car over. Wanted to keep it overnight for their crew to test. Car was sold and they finally gave in. That was my last Walmart battery. Used to be you could walk in at midnight and swap batteries.

Less waste, people often replace batteries that can be recharged.

Stop making blanket statements . There are more decent dealers out there than bad .


Note the word “typically”.

…and read up.

KPA Car Dealership Trust Survey: While A Minority of Americans Experience Deceptive Selling At Dealerships, Most (76%) Still Distrust Them. [Feb 2024]

I’m sure it depends on the store; the one I use is well run. Helps to go at off times…Saturday and Sunday…lol…NO!

Take it in Tuesday Morning and pick it up before they close that day. Have no complaints about their battery service and Project Farm on YouTube ranks WM batteries as the best bang for the buck…they sell pretty good batteries.

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I’ve had good luck with one of Walmart’s $50 batteries. In this area Wally sells a $50 version and a $100 version. Can’t speak to the $100 version, but the $50 version seems to work pretty good. 6 years old I and still cranking the Corolla. The Corolla was forced off the road for several years during Covid though, so maybe it not being used has something to do w/extending the battery life.

Don’t think Walmart has a 50.00 battery anymore unless it is a motorcycle battery .

Current options for a Walmart battery for a 2000 Corolla are $70/110/140/180.

Mine is a group 35.

I just paid $160 for a Die Hard Gold 24F group size with my employee (retired) discount… :grin:

Costco batteries have removable caps on their Kirkland brand.
They also offer sealed batteries.