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Disconnecting car battery for storage

Here’s an easy one for you. I’m putting a car in storage for about 6 months. I’m guessing that the battery should be disconnected to avoid draining it. Does it matter which post is disconnected and is there anything else that should be done. The car will be in a garage.

Always disconnect the negative post first, and in your case that’s all you have to disconnect.

If you try to disconnect the positive post [first] and your wrench touches the car body anywhere you will be spot welding with up a 1000 amps of current. This will be painful for you, your car, and your wrench.

Always disconnect the negative (ground) post first and reconnect it last. If the positive post is disconnected first there is the possibility of shorting out the battery by touching the body with the wrench while loosening the terminal. Don’t ask me how I know.

Off the top of my head, I suggest filling the tank with fresh gas and adding stabil to the tank. Filling up the tank prevents condensation from forming in the gas tank.

Ed B.

I would connect a trickle charger like this one and use fuel stabilizer in the gas tank. For added security, you can remove the battery and connect it to the charger in a separate location from the vehicle. Just make sure the location where the battery and charger are is well ventilated, and disconnect the negative terminal first.

For modern cars I’d rather install a battery tender like Whitey found, because some things, like the stereo, on some cars have to be reprogrammed with a security code if left without power for any length of time, a hassle I’d rather avoid.

Yes always remove negative first, but this is a precaution against potential problems. You will not cause any problems if you get by the potential “welding” concern and the potential “spark generated” concern, after you get past these issues you will not suffer from removing the postive first.

I say this to prevent people from attributing some wild electrical problem to removing the postive first, it does not happen.

Always disconnect the negative (ground) post first

Congratulations for identifying the difference between ground and negative. In the old English cars you disconnected the positive first. ?

A sound battery will hold it’s charge especially during the winter months. Cold temperatures greatly slow down self-discharge…

I guess your comment is questioning the idea of doing any thing at all in regards to the battery. I was accepting that the OP had already made the decision to removed the battery.