Hi. I am storing my car for about 4 months, and i was going to take the battery out. I got the negative terminal unhooked, but the positive terminal i couldnt get unhooked and the screw got stripped. I left the negative strap unhooked, but the positive is still connected. Will this harm the car or battery in anyway? Will it cause the battery to disharge faster or slower? Thanks.

I don’t think it will do any harm and it will not discharge the battery any faster.

If the battery is going to sit idle for this period of time, A battery maintainer/trickle charger should be connected to the battery to keep the charge up. Otherwise the battery could sulfate if this isn’t done. And a battery that is sulfated looses its ability to accept a charge. Or you can let the battery sit as it is, and then when it’s put back in service, buy a more expensive battery charger that pulse charges the battery to remove the sulfer from the plates.


One battery cable disconnected completely disconnects the battery.