Charging Bicycle Lights

I have front and rear lights for my bicycle that constantly need charging. Could I plug those into the charging ports in my QX60 and leave them there? It would save me a lot of back and forth to and from the house. It also might be handy to have as a flashlight and warning light for the car, independent of the bike.

Would they charge? Would they overcharge? Would they die from the heat? It would be handy if it works! I could use either the USB ports or the 12 volt outlet with an adapter. The 12 volt one is always on.

You don’t have an electrical outlet in the garage?

If they use a USB cord to charge them, then you could use the car’s ports to charge them or the lighter plug with a USB charge output. It will draw from your car’s battery. In some instances that could cause you starting issues.


Get a jump starter pack, mine has ports for charging cell phones, lights, etc, plus an air pump.

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Overtime just like the car battery, that will deplete the charge and it will have to be plugged in…

Just buy a wall adapter for the usb cord and plug the thing into the garage electric outlet liked mentioned above…

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I’m not sure what a QX60 is, presumably some sort of vehicle. I have rechargeable safety lighting for my bicycle too. They are easily removed from the bicycle, so I charge them the same way I charge my cell phone, usb home charger gadget. But if I preferred, I’m pretty sure I could plug them into any USB port that’s powered up for a recharge, car usb-port, desktop computer, etc. It takes 4 or 5 hours to recharge them.

Infiniti QX60, 50-60K+ SUV

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I park on the street.

Where do you park your Bicycle??

Maybe the batteries themselves are going south. In the old days I soldered in new batteries to my shaver when it wouldn’t hold much of a charge. The only bike lights I’ve had though are those from double a batteries or the kind that had a generator wheel that robbed against the tire. Yeah, old days. Haven’t been on a bike for years. Still hanging in the garage. Might still have the headlight on it.

I keep spare batteries charged all the time.

Put the bike in the back of the Infinity.