Portable battery chargers

Do you recommend portable car battery chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter, such as Porta Jump?

Not the type that plug into the cigarette lighter. If you look at the size of the wire to the lighter, it’s not going to push much current to a dead battery to start the engine.


NO…The lighter socket can not pass more than 20 amps before it’s fuse blows. 20 amps is not enough power to jump anything. You might be able to CHARGE a battery through the lighter socket assuming the socket is “live” with the key turned off…With a dead battery, it will be at least 15 or 20 minutes charging at this rate before the car MIGHT start…

They are NOT made to JUMP a car…but only used as a trickle charger. It’ll take at least 1/2 hour to charge a battery this way.

Thanks to all of you…you’ve certainly saved me the expense of buying one.

Was there perhaps a reason for asking that we might be able to help with?