Changing tires from Car to Car

Greetings Car Talkers,

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue with 235 75 R15 tires that are getting worn. I also have a 1995 Explorer with 235 65 R16 tires that are in good condition. I am working toward donating the Explorer, however i would prefer that the newer tires be moved to the Saturn. Is this feasible ?

Thanks … MHO7505

The Saturn has 15" diameter wheels. The Explorer has 16" diameter wheels. You can’t mount a tire for a 16" wheel onto a 15" wheel.


How many lug nuts on each vehicle?
If they both have the same amount of lug nuts, then you could probably swap rims and tires. Not sure how much your odometer would be affected though.

Ford wheels on a Saturn? That should raise the value.


The number of lug nuts is not what determines whether wheels from one vehicle will fit on another. There is the diameter of the bolt circle and the offset of the wheels, just to mention two. I seriously doubt that Explorer wheels will work on a Vue.

No, you cannot mount your 16" tires on your Saturn’s 15" wheels.

Thank You for your help on this … MHO7505

Thank You for your reply … MHO7505