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Wheel application Cavalier

I have a 2000 Cavalier Z24 convertible. The convertible comes with 15inch wheels where as the 2 door hardtop comes with 16 inch wheels. Is there any reason why I can’t mount my old hardtop wheels & tires on my convertible? There really is no difference I can see between the two body styles that would not allow for this.

I’m Guessing The Convertible Is Heavier.

How do the mounted tire outside diameters compare? They would have to be very similar to avoid problems.

Well, they can be a bit off, as long as you move all 4. I’m betting they are close, and just different options on the models.

Google “tire size calculator” for a web tool to compare your tire diameters. My guess too is that they will be the same or else it would make a production problem to match speedo calibration to tire sizes.

The diameters were the same a few years prior when we shopped for a Cavalier when 14 and 15 inch wheels were available.