Changing Tire Size on a Tercel

I have a Toyota Tercel with P155R80 tires, and I’d like to put my Cavalier’s P175R70 tires on it.

The online tire calculator says the size change isn’t significant, but I wonder about the width.

Anyone have experience with this?



The tread will be 20 mm wider, or about 3/4 inch. That’s not much. I wouldn’t worry about this. The difference will not be significant.

The 175r70-13 is the other factory size tire for a Tercel. In fact it is far more common than the 155r80-13, although the 155 may get you ever so slightly better gas mileage, the 175r70 will last longer and you may find some brands with a lower rolling resistance than the available 155’s.

I have gone with 185r70-13 with our 86 Tercel 4wd wagon, but it will rub the left inner fender well on an extreme left turn. I should note here that the left wheel did hit a curb hard enough to bend the lower control arm mount. I straightened it out but it’s still about a 1/16" off.

The +1 size for this vehicle is a 185/60-14, which is about a 1/10" larger diameter. I have seen these model Tercel’s with 195/50-15 tires and wheels and the owners claim that they haven’t had interference problems. They are the same diameter as the 175/70-13, but wider. I am referring to the 86 model here, what year is yours?

Thank you for the insight.

Your personal experience was exactly what I looking for.

Didn’t know about the multiple sizes yet, as I just got the car, and it didn’t come with manuals.



Years ago, I want to change tires on my wife’s 86 Dodge Colt from 155/80/R15 to 175/70/13. The 175 size was a listed option for a Colt. The diameter is the same but there may some clearance issues with steering for the larger tire. I would check the door tire placard to determine if the 175 size was an option for a Tercel. According to, 175/70/13 was an optional size for a 90 Tercel.

Ed B.

Just curious, what year Tercel?

They might scrape when turned all the way. Might. Less traction in snow.

This question has roused my curiosity.

I’ve been careful to use the size tire recommended by the manufacturer. What happens if you don’t? Assuming a wheel and tire fit ok into the wheelwell
and have enough clearance to avoid suffing, wouldn’t an odd sized tire throw off speedometer and odometer

If you are going to use the Cavalier’s wheels, then I would measure the difference in the wheel OFFSET between the Cavalier and Tercel wheels.