Tire size

I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra and want to replace all 4 tires because it’s time to do so. Stock tire size are 265/70/16. Will a 265/75/16 be compatible to my Xterra? I am currently researching All Terrain tires. Right now I have my eyes on Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac, and don’t carry 265/70/16 but have 265/75/16.

Thanks, Clueless102

I wouldn’t do it. The circumference of the 265/75-16 is 3.4% larger than the stock, which means your speedo will read 60mph when you are actually going 62mph. If I’m going to change tire sizes, I try to keep it below 1%. You can google “tire size calculator” to compare tire sizes.

Thank you for replying. Now I know, I’ll stick to the same tire size.

3.4% is nothing and the 265x75x16’s will work fine. Your speedometer probably reads a little fast anyway, so this slight change will not be noticeable. There may be other reasons to stick with the 70 series tires but speedometer error is not one of them…

I agree with Caddyman. I’ve had lots of success increasing tire size slightly for off road and rough road use but with a slight loss of handling and control on trucks and SUVs. Keep that in mind. They tend to ride smoother for me which may be an asset for your car too. I don’t believe it will have a negative affect on the abs at that small change, but be aware that the slight decrease in registered speed over actual may be the thresh hold you cross to get a speeding ticket. Incorrect tire pressures would be of greater concern to me than that slight tire size change.
If the clearances are there, I haven’t hesitated in the past. I vote, go for it.

All good tire shops have a list of approved tire sizes for your car. Talk to a tire shop guy about what you want out of a tire. He has the experience to set you right, the talking is free and he has no motivation to mislead you. Asking here is a coin toss and researching your own falls short of a good tire man’s knowledge.

Ride will be a little more comfortable rolling over cracks and debris with larger diameter tires.
Don’t be concerned with speedometereading.
To save fuel and pollution and be safer, I am usually under speed the limit.