Changing the tail light on a 2005 Chevy Uplander

How do I change the tail light on a 2005 Chevy Uplander on the passenger’s side?

From the 2006 Chevrolet Uplander owner’s manual:

  1. Open liftgate
  2. Remove the two screws from the taillamp housing on the inboard side.
  3. Pull out the taillamp housing
  4. Disonnect the wiring harness coneector from the taillamp assembly.
  5. Turn bulb socket counterclockwise to remove.
  6. Replace the bulb by pulling the old bulb out of the socket and pushing in a new bulb.
  7. Replace the bulb socket by inserting and turning clockwise to secure.
  8. Reinstall the taillamp assembly by nserting the outboard locating/retaining pins until the lamp is seated.
  9. Secure with the inboard screws.

The inboard screws appear to be torx head screws. You may want to pick up the appropriate driver at an auto parts store.

I’m glad you asked the question. I have a 2006 Uplander and have never had to replace the tail lamp. However, I did have to replace the left front turning signal bulb twice. The first new bulb lasted a day. Once you have replaced one bulb following the instructions, you can replace the next bulb in half the time without refering to the instructions.

I think the bulb you need is a # 3057 KX.