Changing steering wheel horn on 2002 Saturn Vue

how do you replace the steering wheel horn w\out screwing around w\ the air bag?

You don’t…

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What is the nature of the problem?

The horn contacts are located under the airbag

The horn(s) . . . many vehicles have 2 . . . are typically located in the engine bay, usually near the radiator core support

Can I assume your horn is not working?

actually the horn itself works, but the horn on the steering wheel is stuck to where the horn won’t turn off,which is pretty annoying to everyone. The problem is the horn pad is apparently in a permanent contact so I have to replace it and I guess I will have to take it to a shop because according to everyone, YOU CAN’T do it yourself. thank you for your help .

I tried to do a cut and paste, but it didn’t work

You have to first remove the steering column upper and lower trim pieces, just behind the steering wheel. Then there are access holes, where you can manipulate a screwdriver to remove the airbag. Once the airbag is off, the horn contacts should be visible. At least, that’s how it is with many vehicles

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@db4690 I have to do something about my moms PT Cruiser that does a short honk once in a while.

Don’t you have to pull the air bag fuse first to keep it from going off while you work on it???


I expect you’d disconnect the battery and let it sit overnight before trying it as a diy’er job. It’s not something I’d diy tackle myself, due to the possibility of accidentally setting off the airbag in the process.

All I can say is this . . .

In all my years of turning wrenches professionally, I’ve never unintentionally deployed an airbag, during the course of my repairs

I know what the service manual(s) typically say, but there are many steps that can be omitted, if you have common sense, exercise caution, and aren’t ham-fisted

And no, I’ve never worn a football helmet when removing an airbag, even though Tom and Ray “recommended” it all the time :wink:

Does this vehicle have a horn relay? It could be sticking, and is a whole lot easier to replace that the switch in the steering wheel.