Ford F-150 Truck 5.8 liter engine

I can’t figure out the configuration on the spark plugs on my truck. I was told by several people it is an 8 cylinder truck and I am only able to see 6 spark plug wires. I have some vision challenges. I have cataracts on both eyes with zero vision on my left eye and about 50% on my right eye. Am i missing something with my eyes or is the configuration set up in an unusual way. Thank you in advance for the help.

The 5.8 is definitely a V8.

Conflicting information is shown.
What year is the vehicle ? ( 97 older for a 5.8 )
Is it a pickup as listed in the title ?
Is it a van as listed in the tag ?
Are you seeing plugs all on one side of the engine ? ( 4.9L 6cyl )
Are you seeing plugs on both sides ? ( v8 or, newer year v6 )

Even with visual limitations ( including mechanics working in the dark for example ) you should be able to tell by feel.
The top of the distributor cap will tell you exactly. count how many there.
Then follow each wire by feel, one at a time.

Thank you for the reply. There appears to be three plugs on each side of the engine. It is a 1992 Ford truck F-150 5.8 liter engine.

All appearances for parts suggest it is a v8, you can always count the plug wires and follow them to the plugs.

I will try this touch and feel method. Again thank you for the reply