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Ford truck 3-valve/plugs freezing up

A recent Click and Clack newspaper article warned of some Ford trucks having 3 valves that freeze plugs in place if they aren’t changed sooner rather than later. Reference was made to the F150. What about the E-450 series. One of those, a 10 cylinder, powers my motor home. I couldn’t find any reference in factory lit to valves per se. Do I have a potential problem or not?

do I have a potential answer or not ?

a YEAR of vehicle might actually get us somewhere.

Most of these Ford Modular Engines come with 100,000 mile platinum plugs…Have you reached that point? I have not worked on an “E” series van in years, but as I remember, removing the dog-house and changing the spark plugs was quite a job…Hopefully they have improved serviceability…If you have never worked on one of these coil-over-plug Ford engines, perhaps you should leave this job to a pro…

It's the 8 cylinder 5.4 Triton series engine--3 valves per cylinder. You're safe with your 6.0.

The spark plug design on 3-valve engine is different, but the problem is that the spark plug threads actually protrude through the cylinder head into the combustion chamber. After 100K miles, there can be quite a bit of carbon stuck on the threads. Try to remove the plug with all that carbon on the threads, it seizes, breaking the spark plug off way down in the head if you don't stop. But you don't need to worry about all this.

Are you changing spark plugs yourself? If so, plan on a full afternoon if you haven't done these before. Labor guides list about 3 hours to replace these, but a pro can be done in 45 minutes.

the V10 is the basic same configuration as the 5.4…depending on your year you might have a 2 piece spark plug…which have 1 piece replacements available

2 piece spark plugs?? Where can I get info??