Changing fuel filter

Is it safe to take the fuse out for the fuel filter, starting the car and letting the fuel run out of the fuel hose before removing the fuel filter? Will this harm the fuel pump? Thanks

You mean the fuse for the fuel pump? Yes, this is one way to relieve the fuel pressure, but it’s not like it’ll drain out-- there’s still going to be gas in the filter when you remove it.

True, but this method is a safe way to de-pressurize the fuel system. Another method is to disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector and do the same thing. This from a Mazda shop manual.

Doing either method will in no way damage the fuel pump.

There’s no fuse for the fuel filter, but there’s one for the fuel pump. If you remove this fuse, the engine will run until the fuel prssure is lost, Then you can replace the fuel fiiter. Using this procedure won’t harm the fuel pump.


ok thanks guys for the help