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Changing a fuel filter

I have a 1993 GMC half ton van.I would like to change the fuel filter, how do I go about it. The fuel tank is full so I feel I will need to releive the pressure somehow.

Thank you,


Usually just opening the gas cap relieves pressure enough. You’ll get some leakage no matter what you do. Just be prepared for it. If the connection to the filter are rubber tubes you can crimp them to stop any flow. If the filter is in a easy location this should not be a big problem. Some filters are buried deep in the engine compartment so it’s a nightmare. Or they are above the fuel tank.

good luck.

Relieving the fuel pressure has nothing to do with how much gas is in the tank, since what you’re relieving is the pressure generated by the fuel pump, which is quite high in a modern fuel injected car and will persist for days. My favorite method is to simply pull the fuel pump fuse and then run the car until it dies from fuel starvation. On some models, you may need to take the gas cap off too, since the pressure of the air in the gas tank will provide enough pressure for fuel to dribble out.