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Changing Drive mode Selector

I want to change the drive mode selector for my volvo S90, it is stuck as Sports mode, following is the part|Model%3AS90&hash=item4ab8a4b822&vxp=mtr

but how do I open the panel, next to the stick ? Can any one please explain ?

Thanks in advance.

anyone ?

Stop by the dealer’s parts department (NOT the service department) and ask for an “exploded view drawing” of the assembly. You can use that drawing to determine how to access and change it. Ask nicely and they might even print you a copy of the “repair procedure”.

That’s very good advice. The procedure and drawings would be in the factory service manual. A pic would help. Anything that gets put together can be taken apart if you just know where the fasteners are. Normally, the shift knob will need to come off-usually a C clip or something holding it on. Then the cover would either have snap fasteners or screws somewhere. You’re going to have to have a close look. Other panels may need to come off first depending on how its put together. But as mentioned its best if you can get a look at the parts diagram.