1990 Volvo Overdrive Switch Intermittent Operation

I have a 1990 Volvo 240 4 cyl Automatic Trans. On the Shift lever is a Overdrive Switch which allows you to shift in and out of Overdrive. The indicator is a Yellow Arrow on the dashboard.If you press it the light should go on or off depending whether you want to be in Overdrive or not. My car’s switch has a mind of its’ own. It will be on or off at the startup and will sometime respond or not respond to my pressing of the switch. Sometimes it will engage itself without my pressing the switch at all. I could be driving on the freeway and it will shift into a lower gear. Sometimes multiple pressing of the button will turn it off sometimes not. It does not seem to have any rhythmn as to how it responds. I have replaced the switch to no avail. No one can figure what to do. Can you help?

My first thought was crumbling insulation on the wire from the switch, but if you replaced the switch you must have replaced the wire so that is not it.

I would post this question on the RWD section of the Brickboard forum where all the old Volvo enthusiasts are.

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry to be dumb but how do I get to the RWD Section of Brickyard.



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Every owner of an old Volvo should bookmark this one.

I have the same problem with my 91 volvo did you ever figure out how to fix it???