Changing brake light

Is is possible for me to change my brake light bulb on my Nissan Altima without taking it to the dealer. I had to have the dealer change my headlight. It was a nightmare getting to it.

A brake lightblub should be pretty easy. You either unscrew and remove the light fixture, or remove a panel inside the trunk. Turn the wire harness halfway, and out comes the bulb.

Definitely no need to go to the overcharg–…I mean, dealer just for this.

Headlights can sometimes be tricky but brake light bulbs are straightforward. Open your trunk and inspect the rear of the taillight assembly. You’ll figure it out.

Brake lights are easy on some cars. On my Sienna mini-van, I tried and tried to get the lens off the hatch. I gave up and took it to the mechanic. I discovered here on this URL that on my mini-van the hatch has to be torn apart to access the lens holders. The front turn signals are also a nightmare.