2005 scion xb brake light

someone stole my owners manual… how do I replace the brake light?

The bulbs are usually accessed from inside the vehicle. There should be access panels in the rear trim.

Unless you’re talking about a brake light in the instrument panel.

You might be able to find a used manual at Books4Cars.com.

you’d think it would be from the inside - but even the guy at Auto Zone was amazed. Take off the panel and it doesn’t let you get at the light. almost looks like a hinge along side the brake/back up/turnsignal cover.

Then remove the tail light/brake light assembly from the vehicle.

Can’t the guys at AutoZone look this up?

unfortunately the hinge is plastic and looks like it would break if forced. I think the guy at Auto Zone was not to bright. I might have to go to a different one. Thanks for your input!

After you take off that panel from the inside, you should feel for 3 knobs. They are sockets on which different bulbs are mounted. Turn one of the sockets 90 deg (I forgot which way to turn it), and the sockets should come out with the light bulb sitting on it.

Just go buy the owner’s manual.