How to change a battery in 1999 dodge intrepid

I was trying to look up how to change the battery in a 1999 dodge intrepid. When I looked on line I got different ways to change it. One was removing the front tire and remove it from below. The other is to remove air cleaner and other items and remove from the top. Which way is it?

I checked with that site before. I know it shows taking out the battery from the top, but another site show removal from the bottom

I was just thinking, I wonder if there is a intrepid forum (fans of this car)

I’m betting there is.
They’ll probably suggest removing the wheel and the fender apron, but personally I prefer working standing up. I’d try removing the stuff above it and lifting it out.

The battery is replaced through the wheel well. The guy in the video is goofy. The plastic panel he is pushing on is the battery access panel.

Turn the wheels to the right and remove the plastic battery access panel. you can then remove the hold down clamp and cables. Slide the battery out, place it on the floor and slide it out from under the car. You can lift the car and remove the wheel if you need more elbow room but it isn’t necessary.

If you want to disconnect the ground cable before beginning as shown in the video only disconnect the first cable and place the plastic eyelet over the stud. The second cable is the engine ground cable, it isn’t connected to the battery.

Thank you all for your assistance. I will use the advice of Nevada to remove my battery when the time comes to change it.

Like the same mountainbike I prefer removing batteries from the top. I am tall, old and have a weak back. I have removed several batteries from the top that were supposed to be removed through the wheel well. If I had a lift I would do more things from the bottom.

thank’s for insight

Thank your lucky stars that you don’t have an HHR. The battery is buried under the spare tire cover under the rear hatch. When my battery went dead there was no way to lift the rear hatch (electric release only). I had to jump battery voltage via the under hood fuse panel to open the hatch just to dig out the old battery.

Or unless it’s a matter of pride, when the battery starts getting weak, have it replaced somewhere that will install it free with the battery purchase.

The places that install batteries free have a list of cars they won’t install batteries on, I’ll bet the HHR is on that list.

I no longer install batteries for free on any car, but if I still did the HHR would certainly qualify. It’s easy, accessible, and clean. Much easier than most underhood batteries.

I agree that the battery on an HHR is easy to change once you get the rear hatch open, remove the top cover, then the spare tire cover and happen to be less than 6+ feet tall. I changed the battery in my wife’s Nissan Sentra in less time than digging down to the HHR’s battery.