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Speedo/odometer gone wild

I jumped a friend from my 2005 chev malibu post-to-post. It killed my car. Then I jumped it pos/pos, neg to frame and car started again. Afterward my odometer showed about 82,000 miles more than actual miles. When I drive approx. 65, speedo goes to 110. Can this be fixed so I show the correct mileage and speed? Everything else was normal and working okay.

p.s. to Sashe speedo problem. The car I jumped was found o have a damaged neg. terminal but battery was okay.

You could try disconnecting the battery neg for 10 mins and see if it resets.

If you disconnect the battery, you better know how to reset the PassLock anti-theft system or the engine won’t start.


65 mph = 105 kph…hmmm…

@insightful has it.

This procedure should also be in your user manual.

LOL, nice catch insightful.

Okay you young guys, if 1 mile = 1.6 km, then how many miles would you have to have for the miles converted to klicks convert to the actual + 82,000?

To the OP: check your owner’s manual to see how to make your speedo and odo read miles instead of kilometers. Try it and post back.

TSM, now there’s a good car-centric Puzzler.

nice insight…

The odometer is still reading about +50,000 miles extra. That is serious depreciation. The only way I can think of to mitigate that would be a recent service where miles were documented and an adjustment by DMV. I don’t know if this is possible.

Just a wild guess. OP had 137,000 miles on the odo before the incident.

insightful Math was never my best subject but I am always ready to learn. I think the OP stated that their odometer gained 82,000. If this was kilometers at 1.62 per mile it would be about 50,600 miles. Whether miles or kilometers this would be a significant addition to their vehicles “mileage” My question is: What does 137,000 miles on the odometer have to do with this problem? My main concern is how can the OP get this discrepancy corrected?

My math agrees with insightfuls. The point is when he converts the odometer/speedometer back to miles it will be the correct. Nothing further needs to be done.

Look at it this way. The OP didn’t tell us what the odometer is reading but it is probably around 219,000 km. .62 X 219,000 is 137,000. The owners manual will give instructions on how to switch it back to miles.

OK I get it. If the odometer is corrected to miles it will work but since OP did not disclose pre problem odometer reading where did 137,000 miles come from?

.62 times 219,000. .62 is the conversion factor for km to miles.

Since the OP did not disclose the mileage how could anyone come up with “probably” 219,000 miles? It could be less than 50,000 miles!

I think what made think what made this confusing was the fact that the OP didn’t state what the odometer is reading now (km) and what it read before the incident (miles) He only stated how much it increased.

Not 219,000 miles - 219,000 km.