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99 Chevy Astro

Wanting to change the fuel filter. Is it necessary to relieve the fuel pressure or can it safely be changed after letting it sit overnight?

Let it sit overnight and the fuel pressure will drop to zero.


If anyone else had said this I’d argue that you should relieve the pressure, but as far as I can tell Tester is always correct, so I guess it’s OK.

I’d relieve the pressure anyway, just to be safe.

No offense, Tester.

Think about how filters get changed in the fast lube line,mechanics just let the fuel spray. Some mechanics are better neighbors thsn others and try to cover things with rags or spray in a certain direction but others just let it fly. I know the manual lists safety precautions but they commonly get ignored. No harm to the car just letting the fuel fly but you may really pi** someone off.

Or the OP might get gasoline sprayed in his or her face under pressure. Not a good thing.

We’re not talking about a fast lube line. We’re talking about someone changing a fuel filter at home.

The manual lists safety precautions because they matter. Ignore them at your peril.