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Rant and rave

I ve heard of the old rant and rave legend many times.

with the state of the world and the barbarism currently happening I feel compelled to speak my mind. to stand up and be counted among the people totally dissatisfied with our representatives and about the dangers facing freedom loving peoples everywhere.

i will refrain from delving into these topics though.

except to say that a true general discussion forum would be a service to humanity in these troubled times. we must stand up everywhere against oppression and genocide.

especially NPR which is supposed to serve the public.

from every mountain top, let freedom ring


Here here my good man. I’m currently plowing through the 700 pages of Anne Applebaum or whatever her name is, book call “Iron Curtain”. Its really a historical document of Eastern Europe from 1944 to 1959. I had had no idea what the Ruskies were capable of and the parallels of their plans to today’s events. I hear terms coming out of DC now and cringe that the very same techniques and terms were used against the East Germans, Hungarians, Polish, etc. It was no mistake or exageration that the educational system was over-run, churches shut down, businesses ruined, social organizations outlawed, media taken over, political speech monitored and outlawed, and on and on. Like Reagan said even if I didn’t vote for him, it only takes one generation to loose our freedoms.

Even though we haven’t always been right, we have always been a stabilizing force against tyranny. That’s our cross to bear whether we like it or not.

You’re right. We do live in tumultuous times, and there is a lot of uncertainty that comes along with it. Since Car Talk is not going to be offering a general discussion forum, I can only recommend what’s been said before. If you’d like to use the private messaging system, write on each other’s walls, communicate by e-mail, or privately share social media info (if you’re into that), please don’t feel limited to the use of the public forum to expand the discussion.

have you read Winston Churchill s histories of WW2 @Bing. amazing stuff. there is no plowing involved. the words flow beautifully from his pen. straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

these things need to be discussed publicly. but I ve said all I have to say on the subject at this time. I ll listen, which is sometimes more important than speaking…

They need to be discussed publicly in the appropriate place. If we go around disrupting every conversation with this topic, people will get tired of us and stop listening.

If two people are talking about their cars and you run up and start shouting about genocide, at best you will be considered rude. And in no scenario will your opinions be taken as anything but an unwanted interruption.

It it easy to fall into the thinking that says “topic X is so important that we must discuss it and nothing but it until it is fixed,” but there are other topics of importance – yes, even cars – that should not be suppressed in favor of X.

After all, if someone can’t get his car to run, then he’ll have trouble getting to the voting booth and helping to oust the people who are making topic X such a matter of import.

Yes, let freedom ring to discuss cars on this forum. There are plenty of other places to discuss politics. :wink:

jesmed1 You took the words right out of my fingertips.

+1 for @jesmed1 .

@cdaquila Yes, as much as I enjoy a political discussion, that should be done on another forum. The only exception would be if the topic relates to cars, such as the “chicken tax” that the US imposed on imported European minivans in retaliation to Europe’s import duties on US chickens.

well I understand your sentiments and will respect them. I have spent a couple hours on npr s sight trying to discuss the issue. I must say that I d much rather talk to you fellows and fellowettes about it. its mostly an insult fest over there. with exceptions of course. the reasonable people are drowned out mostly

of course when I am compelled to speak, as recent events have compelled me I will probably speak out again. standing against genocide is worth a little rule breaking

I visit several political forums and they all tend to be overwhelmed by the lowest common denominator @wesw. A barrage of insults from a clique of regulars quickly gets thrown at anyone who dares to post an opposing view. Maybe that’s the situation this site hopes to avoid. I can hold my own with the best of them when I feel like jumping in but that doesn’t occur too often and few people who drop in return. Anonymous posting on the internet gives some people the opportunity to be important, if only in their own minds.

yeah I noticed that the people who used their real name on other sites tended to be more reasonable.

Wes, while I too realize that this forum isn’t the best place to discuss these issues, I wholeheartedly agree with your points, and I’m glad you “screamed” here, in text, rather than in some less safe environment or in a less safe manner.

It’s a tribute to this website that discussions can be carried on openly, even though the subject matter is, rightfully, corralled into car issues. This site is my favorite place to talk. “World issues” I sit in the shade with a retired neighbor and discuss. If I ever find a website that people can discuss politics as openly as we can discuss car issues here, you can rest assured that I’ll let you know. I hope I do.

yeah, we really should be able to disagree without hatred.
I might even change my mind if presented with new info on a topic.

Things are not really different then they have ever been. I mean let them eat cake was a case in point how the 1% had no clue. FDR did the big lie, tell it again etc, motto of the Nazi, the bigger the lie the better,

Rod Knox " Anonymous posting on the internet gives some people the opportunity to be important, if only in their own minds." I identify them as “a legend in their own minds.”

I purposely did not delve into the issues here.i just encourage us all to stay informed and make our own minds up, without letting party loyalty determine our position.
independent thinkers are needed. along with truth from the powers that be, right or left

If you are talking to me @sgtrock21 we are all anonymous but would be willing to meet for coffee and get real. FDR had many great videos now captured on youtube, Legend in my own mind would be grandiosity above my current acceptance level. Say what and who you mean, if it is me let me know.