Change 2007 Toyota Avalon fob trunk button behavior?

On a 2007 Avalon, the fob’s trunk release button doesn’t do anything. The trunk release button on the dash works, so the disable button in the glove box isn’t the problem. I tested that to confirm—it works as expected. According to the manual, a Toyota dealer can change the behavior of the remote’s button between several options:

  1. Hold for 1 second to open trunk (default)
  2. Press twice to open
  3. Press once to open
  4. Disabled

I’m wondering if it was set to “disabled”. This is the regular remote fob, not the integrated “smart key” version. Before I try to deal with a dealer, does anyone know how to adjust this setting?

Do you only have 1 FOB or do both fail to open the trunk . Is this a new problem ?

This car was just handed down from someone who barely used it. We only have one remote, though a second one is expected in a few weeks after it’s retrieved from storage. The one we have didn’t work at all until a battery change.

Maybe you can reprogram the trunk function. Check the owner’s manual for instructions. If you don’t have the manual you can get a PDF version from the Toyota website.

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My original post referred to the manual saying a dealer can change the function.

Did you look in the manual to see if you can change it ? Or just wait until you get the other FOB and see if it works for the trunk .

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube about programming a remote for this era Avalon. I have no idea which are the best, but you could watch a few and see if that’s something you want to try. Always be sure you have a reasonably fresh battery in the remote.

Folks, every available online reference that I can find talks about pairing a remote to a vehicle. None of them talk about this specific function. That’s why I asked here.

I am starting to wonder if the problem is just a flaky fob. It has now totally stopped working a couple of times until I remove and re-insert the battery. I have used different batteries, and confirmed with a multimeter that the battery is putting out appropriate voltage.

Try carefully cleaning the contacts that touch the battery. I use a bit of alcohol on a Qtip.

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You know that the dealer can change the action of the trunk button, so I’d go there and see if that’s the problem.

Good Grief , Texas being logical again :wink: .