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Chain Whip Tool

I’d be a little leary about using a file. Some can be pretty brittle and might snap in half when too much pressure is exerted. I know you would never use that much pressure on an oil filter, But I don’t know a thing about these sprockets. My knuckles get scuffed enough without breaking a tool.
My brand of rasps that I use on horses feet are very brittle and one broke, just dropping it on the concrete. I think in the 35 + years I’ve broken 5-6 of them.

Maybe this chainwhip tool is what I needed years ago when my brother in law tightened a filter so bad the seal popped out. I couldn’t get anything to grip that filter tight enough to spin it.
I made him take off so many parts (a few extras to teach a lesson), just so I could drive a big screwdriver thru it and looswen it.

yeah, I agree, the file was your original plan, if I remember correctly. I was wondering why you didn t have other steel laying around from your blacksmith business

That was GeorgeSanJose, that was going to use the file. I have 5/16ths …the thickness that he needed, but it’s hard to find at any small steel supply. Plus we use hot rolled for shoes…cold rolled has too much stress in it and when you bend it over the anvil horn while hot…it wants to twist, and makes one more step to keep flattening out the shoe again on every heat.
I think he wanted 5/16 X 1 3/4 X 15 inches. With that width, I think Mild steel would have done fine.



I prefer S 7 tool steel for all my punches, pritchels, hammers that I make. It’s easy to work at a yellow heat and can be air hardened. I lost an eye 30 years ago from a too hard a hammer face that chipped, so I make all my own tools for the anvil now.

I use the blind eye for driving, to rest the good one!!!

yeah, I ve tried to stress safety glasses to my son. I won t even cut the grass without them. I fabbed structural steel for twenty yrs and am amazed I never saw anyone lose an eye. they lost toes fingers and their lives, but kept their eyes

I still catch myself at time not wearing them, even after losing one. One speck of rust from an undercarriage on my face and I go get them though. It’s easy to forget!!!
Mine was just a piece the size of a pin head that went all the way back and imbedded on the retina. Eye’s still there, and only a larger pupil and a little foggyness can be seen. But the scar tissue on the retina won;t allow light to focus.

Wes, Your picture doesn’t do you justice…you look 25 in that one!!!


I believe I was 16 then in 1983. some one complained about my other so I changed it and someone complained this one is creepy. I guess I m just too horrid to show my face.

and go put your glasses on!

there, the only other pic I have on my PC is this of my great grandmother. lets see who makes fun of her!

Everybody loves a great grandma .

I tried to download a pic, but I must be doing something wrong.
I’ll figure it out.