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Accordion rubber tube for throttle shaft, 70's Ford Truck

Any ideas where I can source that accordion shaped rubber grommet ( appx 1/2 inch diameter, 2 1/2 inches long) where the throttle rod goes through the fire-wall? Early 70’s Ford truck? My local parts guy is usually pretty good, but had no ideas for that.

Try LMC Truck.

I was thinking auto parts stores might stock that stuff in bulk, then cut you off the length you need. Like they do vacuum, heater, and fuel hose. But I guess not. Thanks for the tip on LMC.

Try a bicycle shop.
There’s a boot shaped like this on mountain bike brake cables.

I’ve even successfully used a piece of bicycle tube and a couple of zip ties in unusual cases (only on my own stuff). The boot’s sole function is to protect the linkage/cable.

I use old bicycle tire tube sections for stuff like that too. Old bicycle tubes are remarkably handy things to have on hand. But the main purpose for the truck-accordion tube isn’t to protect the throttle linkage rod so much as to prevent the engine compartment heat and odors from getting into the cab. I will definitely check with the local bicycle shop before going the mail order route, good idea @circuitsmith .

I see your point, George. I hadn’t thought of the aspect of creating a seal for the passenger cabin.