Does anybody know if I could get a loaner axle spindle rethreader kit?

Damaged threads while tapping CV axle Into place. The kits are around $100 and I don’t want to buy a kit only to use it once. Only outer threads are damaged. If you don’t know of a place that gives out loaner axle spindle rethreading kit, it would be nice if you could at give me a different suggestion on fixing it.

Call a chain auto parts store and see if they loan them. If the first one you try doesn’t, check the others in your area.

How bad are they? Mushroomed over starter threads are tough to get right chasing from bad end. I might be inclined to use a chamfer tool and thread file myself.


Once you figure out the thread size you’re dealing with, an individual die can be purchased to repair the the threads.


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If the threads extend 1" to 2" passed the nut when installed, grind off the damaged treads creating a tapered tip. If the tip is mushroomed you will need to grind down the tip anyway or you will never get the die started straight.

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Price a replacement half shaft before deciding. Avoid damaging stuff not currently damaged.

The shaft end is not mushroomed. Was an akward way I had to hit the shaft and I accidentally missed and damaged some of the threads on the shaft end. Only the first row or two of threads, so once I get it going it’ll go.

Anyone ever hear of a Chase 'em Back tool?


I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any rental loaner tools involving thread dies or taps. Generally speaking a replacement axle is cheaper than a large thread die. I bought a 1" 32 thread die to rethread a fork stem on one of my Harleys and I think it was 60 bucks. Used it once and put up for sale on eBay. Sold it a few days later for 50 so it worked out ok.

In most cases what I’ve done is used a small flat file and a thread file to clean things up. It’s always worked and those items are comparatively cheap.

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I have a bunch of small triangular files that I would use for this.


Good. Just get a thread file. Just a triangular file with close enough angle will work. Start past damage and work outward. Should only take a few minutes to do good enough job to get nut going. Cheapest option if that helps.

Next time, thread nut on until flush with end before tapping. Protects the threads…


Where would I get a chamfer bit that would work on a 28 MM spindle ? They all seem to only go up to 22!

Why not use the thread file?

You don’t need one if the end isn’t mushroomed. If anything, just a flat file to remove the edge. Then file the threads. Good luck!