Bolt fix


i took off my axle on my bike to put a tire on, well when i finally got it lined up the nut wouldnt thread on the axle, then i realized that the tire was flat so in the morning i have to go see where my tire tools and wheel landed, anyways, is there any way to fix the damaged threads?


Take a small file and clean up the threads, then find someone with a tap and die set and use the correct die. thats the only way that I know


You can use a die to repair the threads on the axle, and/or a tap if the damage is on the nut part. I suspect both at this point. Might be cheaper just to get a new axle though.


They also make thread files to use on male threads. very useful, and cheap. has 8 different TPI files on one bar. sounds like it was overtightened. try mcmaster carr they have everything and will sell small quantities to individuals.


This is a bicycle? Just get a new axle, especially if it is an inexpensive hub. If it is a discount store bicycle, just get a new wheel.


nah, its a dirtbike, i got it fixed though, thanks guys!