Centric brake shoes

Think they’d be any good? I mean $17 bucks seems a bit too good to be true, right?

I always just get OEM from Rockauto or from NAPA. You usually get what you pay for but they aren’t that expensive anyway.

Did you read the reviews at the site ? Now you are asking people who may have never used the parts. Just go to your local parts house and that way you can get proper parts and simple return if necessary. Brakes are too important to cheap out.

C-Tek is Centric’s economy line

I’d recommend something a little better

For example . . .

Quickstop is Wagner’s economy line

Advantage is AC Delco’s advantage line

You want something that’s labeled as professional, premium, original equipment, oem, etc.

Centric makes more than one line of brake parts. The ones labeled Centric or PosiQuiet are good materials. The parts labeled C-Tek are what used car dealers use to get the car off the lot as cheaply as possible.

Brakes is not the place to cut corners, but if you want to save a few bucks just go to your local parys store and ask for the cheapest brake shoes they have.

The reason I asked is because there is only 1 review and I hate taking the risk on one review. But I decided I’ll just spend the extra 10-15 bucks and get locally. I read other reviews on car parts, brakes, etc and it seems Amazon doesn’t always get it right when it comes to what fits and what doesn’t and returning to an online business is too much of a pain then for me to drive down to one of the 3 parts stores in less than a mile from me.

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Centric is based in Long Beach, and have excellent support for their wholesale customers.

I was talking with one of their reps and he told me that he would stand behind a Centric hub/bearing assy as being as good as OE, but that a C-Tek was designed with a service life of about 30,000 miles.

We’ve occasionally used Centric brake components at work . . . both rotors and pads, but never the cheapo parts

On those few occasions, everything worked out just fine, and the components had a normal life span, performing their job properly

here’s something you might appreciate . . . in one instance we installed Centric front brake rotors on a GM dually van, the kind where the hub and rotor are one piece. With the old factory rotor, the fit was really tight. Meaning it took some force to slide the rim over the lug studs and seat it properly on the hub portion of the rotor. No such problems with the Centric rotor. Fit like a glove, better than factory

But my sample size is small in regards to Centric, because we’ve only used them a few times, as I mentioned