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Which are the OEM parts? Getting different answers

I own a 2005 Mazda6, 102,000 miles. My original brake pads have 2-3mm pad remaining (front and rear). I drive over 120 miles per day (highway) - and wanted to be proactive and get the pads replaced before it was “absolutely necessary”. The dealer tells me that OEM is semi-metallic pads and does not recommend ceramic. A muffler/brake shop told me that the OEM is ceramic pads - and that semi-metallic pads are not made for my vehicle. The shop insists they’ve phoned several parts companies that confirm their story. The dealer wants $219/axle for their (semi-metallic pads) and the shop wants $204/axle for their ceramic pads (only charges $100/axle for semi-metallic). So - what do I do???

My guess is, if your rims did not get a lot of break dust on them, then chances are they are ceramic. I personally prefer ceramics over semi metallic for there longevity, and less brake dust. One thing about ceramics pads is its a good idea to replace the rotors with the new ceramic pads.

If you truly insist on OEM equipment, accept the dealer’s response. Consider a parts dealer’s conflicting story to be spurious.

For an item such as brake pads there is no particular reason to stick with OEM equipment. Either ceramic or semi-metallic pads will work well, just about equally. And if you search the newspaper ads you can find shops that will do the job for much less than what you have quoted here. Their lowball price will be for an economy brake pad of course, but you can request the upgrade option.

FWIW, I prefer semi-metallics on my own vehicles. I neither know nor care what came with the car originally.

Thanks for the input. Based on the research I have done, I’m not convinced that the ceramic pads are worth the extra cost. My dilemma is that the non-dealer stores insist there is no semi-metallic pad available for my car - so I can’t get the cheaper brake job. Regardless of cost, I don’t want to give them the work because I feel like they’re being dishonest. I’ll probably just end up having the dealer do it because I at least trust their workmanship (they’ve done work on the car before and I’ve never had a problem afterwards). I appreciate both of you for replying to my post.

It means a lot that you trust the people who work on your car,even if they are not the cheapest.

What are your plans in regards to rotors? let the Dealer turn them,or new Dealer supplied rotors?(watch the cost)make sure you are up on brake fluid flushes,be prepared for the dreaded list of extras they will come up with (possibly justified)
Stuff like CV boots.

Raybestos Professional Series makes both semi-metallic and ceramic for your car, and I can have them delivered to me in three days or less. I checked Advance Auto Parts/, but nearly any auto parts store should be able to get these for you or your mechanic. Cost difference is about $10 to go up to ceramic. Your choice, but these pads should be available in your town.