Central locking



1999 Suburban. the front and rear passenger side locks started getting sluggish. It took a couple of clicks from the power locking button on either front door to get the passenger side locks to engage. Eventually they stop locking but still have a little movement when I hit either lock button. The driver side door locks and the rear barn doors work fine. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

regards, Michael Pascarella


I’d say you’re going to have to remove the inner door panels and see what’s gumming them up. Maybe they just need to be cleaned and lubricated.


Thanks a lot for your response. I did remove the door panels and check for any dirt problems and lubricated everything and it didnt help. The slowness and eventual failing of the front and rear passenger side locks happened to both doors at the same time. A mechanic told me it might be a bad ground wire or other electrical problem and could get costly trying to track it down.
thanks, mike


If everything is clean and lubricated and you’re getting voltage at the solenoid than it has to be the solenoid. While you’re there you can, with a simple ohmmeter, also check for any high resistance short to ground on the power feed.


I had the same problem with my windstar a few years ago. I removed the rubber boot and sprayed WD 40 where the actuator rod comes out of the actuator. It seemed to help a bit, but the problem returned until replaced the lock actuator. It is not that hard to change especially if you have your door panel off. I think there might be one rivit that needs drilling out. At least on mine there was. (You might have a bolt.) I’ve attached a wiring diagram (if the attachment feature works) so you will see there are a few common splices between the RH front and rear doors, but my money is on the actuators. Best way to check before you do anything else (including studying the diagram) is to shoot 12 volts straight to the actuator, then you’ll know if it’s bad, or if you have a wiring problem. I think there might two two wires, one way locks, and reverse the wires and it unlocks. Good luck!


thanks a lot,
All advice is greatly appreciate.
With the problem showing up in the front and rear passenger side doors at exactly the same time I was not sure about replacing the solenoid or actuators.


thanks a lot for your advice and the diagram. I cant believe what great advice I have been getting from people within a couple of hours of posting my issue.